Brynn Greenelsh

senior picture

I was born in Santa Maria, CA in 1994 with two lovely parents who loved my younger brother and I more than anything in the world then proceeded to get divorced. They’re divorce wasn’t all bad though, it allowed me to have a step-father who loved me equally as much and had a history in the service industry. 

Believe it or not though, once-apon-a-time I had a fun job. My first job, when I was 16 was teaching dance classes, I have been a lover of all things that involve dance since I was but a wee 3-years-old. I adored working with children and doing something that I felt was meaningful while also doing what I loved and staying in fantastic shape.


I was on my dance team in high school and some of my fondest memories (if not my only fond memories) of my crap hometown come from that time in my life. Unfortunately, the studio went under and I was forced to begin my grim life in restaurants. I worked at a steakhouse for years before moving to Austin, Texas with the love of my life to pursue higher education. I worked at a sports bar before I got tired of being objectified, now I work at a lovely farm-to-table restaurant while attending school at Texas State University.

I’m studying public relations and plan on pursing a career in it after graduation if I can ever make my way out of the black hole that is the service industry. Likely, but not an easy venture. The money is too good! But hopefully I can dance my way into a “real job”!