Sgt. Sandstrom

Video editing is clearly something I need to work on.

Sgt Cody Sandstrom deployed 3 times over his four year service and saved the life of a small child in Afghanistan, his story is amazing and if you ever want to talk to him about it he works here in Austin!



My Experience With Blogging

Blogging was never something I saw myself getting into. I was never one to keep a journal and I like to tell my stories or go on rants in person. I tend to be quite animated and make grand gestures and hilarious facial expressions. Blame that on my background in performing. I do it so much at my tables I’m surprised I haven’t spilled more drinks.

However, I must say that this blog is a fantastic medium for me to organize my thoughts and share my fantastic stories. I enjoy the simplicity of WordPress and the design element. Going into public relations I know this will be a handy tool for future career endeavours. I hope to get more interviews going because the stories of some of the people I work with are just fantasticaly, remarkably, unbelievably, awesome.

I know that my attempt to sound witty and sarcastic will only improve with time and more awful guests to write about.  The tools WordPress uses to tell me how many views I don’t get come in really handy. I’ve surprisingly had 27 different people check out my blog and one of my posts actually got 19 views! “In The Weeds” was my first post, perhaps that’s why it got the majority of the views. I wonder how many times it counts my views?




WOW! All for me!? Thanks for reading guys, I do this all for my fans! Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter!

That’s Not My Job

Here’s a story for you. And quite the story it is. If this doesn’t tell you about the kind of crap that bosses and managers everywhere have to deal with then I don’t know what will.

When I was living in California I worked at a fantastic steakhouse that practically pioneered the best Santa Maria Style BBQ ever (even Bobby Flay loves it). Now my hometown isn’t the greatest place on earth and like all cities has its rough areas. This famous steakhouse just happened to be in one of those semi-rough areas. We’re talking multiple stabbings in the back alley. Nonetheless, the wealthiest people in town, the mayor, and even some celebrities joined us for dinner.( Stanley from “The Office”, the band Foreigner, and Thunder From Down Under)

shawsbg                                                       image courtesey of Casey Jones and her BBQ pilgrimage.

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Who’s Cooking Your Food?


You would be amazed at the lives some of the people in the service industry have led. They are not uneducated people who had no choice but to become a dishwasher or a server. They have had some extreme ups and downs and those experiences have shaped them into the people they are for better or for worse. One common theme I’ve noticed throughout all the restaurants I’ve worked at (besides excessive drug use) is that these people will ALWAYS surprise you.

Some examples I’ll share with you:

  • The owner of the restaurant I work at, a millionaire, started out as a busboy.
  • One of our bussers was in the Mexico City National Opera before he came to America in search of a better life. Ya, a better life than that?
  • One of our dishwashers was a sniper in the Mexican equivalent of a S.W.A.T team.
  • Numerous bartenders, servers, cooks, you name it, have served in the military.
  • My boyfriend who is a bartender in downtown Austin served in the Army for four years.
  • A bartender/ friend of mine is also a professor at Texas State University.
  • One of my managers has traveled the world and backpacked more mountains than I can count on my fingers.
  • Another manager was living New York, working only a few blocks away from ground zero, when 9/11 happened.


So I’ll leave it up to you to imagine all of the incredible things that your server has done and accomplished the next time you sit down to eat. Or better yet, ask them about themselves, it will brighten up their whole day to feel like more than just a servant.

There will be an interview or two to come on some of these amazing people in the next few blog posts!


What’s Really Happening

Guests only see the food on their plate and rarely see the fear in the eyes of their stressed out server or all of the just plain weird things that happen behind the scenes. Welcome to the wonderful world of the back of the house.

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Can You Trust Your Server

Let me first say that servers are working for tips, meaning that if you are unsatisfied with your dining experience their income is compromised. And when I say income, yes, I mean INCOME. Servers do not get paychecks. Our hourly salary here in the beautiful state of Texas is under three dollars, so after taxes come out that paycheck is a big fat $0.00. But I’ll let the Bitchy Waiter handle that discussion from here. Rant aside, you can trust that your server will work their hardest to make sure your food comes out just the way that you want it and that it tastes great. Not because they care (at least not that much) but because they want your cold hard cash. money-finance-bills-bank-notes-large


Now I have never seen any server or kitchen staff spit in a guest’s food or participate in any kind of act that you may have seen on tv or heard horror stories about. You could be the worst, most picky, patronizing, and obnoxious guest ever to step foot into a food service establishment and your food will probably still be safe to eat. Watch out though, because you can guarantee the entire restaurant staff has thoroughly discussed what an awful human being you are after you left. You will not be greeted with a smile the next time you come back.

(As for hand washing, we could all probably do it more often. And by all of us, I mean teachers, lawyers, and plumbers too. But don’t worry a little germs never hurt anyone.)



Trust me, nobody ever wants to have a guest die at their table. Or be responsible for any type of lawsuit that may come after feeding you something you’re allergic to. If you have even the slightest allergy you can guarantee the kitchen has been notified and every effort has been made to make sure your food is safe. BUT DON’T ASSUME YOUR FOOD IS SAFE IF YOUR ALLERGEN IS NOT LISTED IN THE INGREDIENTS. Cross contamination is always possible and you don’t know what little spices go into every dish. Even if you’re allergic to a rare seed found only in the southern regions of Zimbabwe, just let someone know.


So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, back to the whole “cold hard cash” thing. The higher your bill is, the higher you tip. Therefore, your server will say whatever necessary and employ a range of tactics to get you to order that filet mignon rather than a burger. The specials will always be “amazing” and he or she will always push you to have an appetizer, dessert, or another cocktail. There are plenty of tactics such as suggestive selling and tricky wording to make you feel pressured into spending more. So, in that sense you can’t always rely on your server for complete honesty.

We are not just servers, we’re salesmen.

“The Bitchy Waiter”

Darron Cordosa a.k.a “The Bitchy Waiter” is a 49-year-old waiter in New York City with curly hair and adult braces who has built an empire on, can you believe it… bitching. He says what others are scared to, he is brutally honest, sarcastic, and unapologetic. And for that I applaud him. He has appeared on Dr. Phil and CBS, and has been mentioned and quoted in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post.

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