My Experience With Blogging

Blogging was never something I saw myself getting into. I was never one to keep a journal and I like to tell my stories or go on rants in person. I tend to be quite animated and make grand gestures and hilarious facial expressions. Blame that on my background in performing. I do it so much at my tables I’m surprised I haven’t spilled more drinks.

However, I must say that this blog is a fantastic medium for me to organize my thoughts and share my fantastic stories. I enjoy the simplicity of WordPress and the design element. Going into public relations I know this will be a handy tool for future career endeavours. I hope to get more interviews going because the stories of some of the people I work with are just fantasticaly, remarkably, unbelievably, awesome.

I know that my attempt to sound witty and sarcastic will only improve with time and more awful guests to write about.  The tools WordPress uses to tell me how many views I don’t get come in really handy. I’ve surprisingly had 27 different people check out my blog and one of my posts actually got 19 views! “In The Weeds” was my first post, perhaps that’s why it got the majority of the views. I wonder how many times it counts my views?




WOW! All for me!? Thanks for reading guys, I do this all for my fans! Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter!


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