That’s Not My Job

Here’s a story for you. And quite the story it is. If this doesn’t tell you about the kind of crap that bosses and managers everywhere have to deal with then I don’t know what will.

When I was living in California I worked at a fantastic steakhouse that practically pioneered the best Santa Maria Style BBQ ever (even Bobby Flay loves it). Now my hometown isn’t the greatest place on earth and like all cities has its rough areas. This famous steakhouse just happened to be in one of those semi-rough areas. We’re talking multiple stabbings in the back alley. Nonetheless, the wealthiest people in town, the mayor, and even some celebrities joined us for dinner.( Stanley from “The Office”, the band Foreigner, and Thunder From Down Under)

shawsbg                                                       image courtesey of Casey Jones and her BBQ pilgrimage.

One evening though there were a few unexpected and unwelcomed guests on the rooftop of this fine BBQ establishment. It is a two story building, with the top story being more of an attic/ storage space, so it’s not easy to see anyone who may be up on the roof. One night we heard some strange noises coming from the roof and we came to find out some homeless guys had been hanging out up there. They had placed a ladder on the side of the building to allow themselves access up and down. Who knows how long this had been going on before anybody noticed. So the general manager, whom I have always had the upmost respect for, took the appropriate action and climbed up to the roof to tell the men they had to leave.

When they didn’t leave, my manager called the police. He climbed back up on to the roof and told the men the police had been called. They still didn’t leave. So he kicked the ladder down and awaited the police. I guess one man realized the severity of the situation he was about to be in, perhaps he had warrants out, or just thought my manager had been bluffing before. But this homeless man jumped from the second story roof onto the ground in an attempt to get away and unfortunately ended up jumping to his death.

I can’t imagine how my manager must have felt in that situation. Scared? Guilty? Angry? Probably all three and then some. It was so upsetting that the situation had to end in a death, but it just goes to show the kind of responsibilities and pure ridiculousness that management of any types of business have to deal with.





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