“The Bitchy Waiter”

Darron Cordosa a.k.a “The Bitchy Waiter” is a 49-year-old waiter in New York City with curly hair and adult braces who has built an empire on, can you believe it… bitching. He says what others are scared to, he is brutally honest, sarcastic, and unapologetic. And for that I applaud him. He has appeared on Dr. Phil and CBS, and has been mentioned and quoted in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post.

thebitchywaiterWhile I would love to be the next bitchy waiter and have my own blog for venting he does it better than I ever could.

He may call himself The Bitchy Waiter but he does more than whine and complain. He discusses relevant topics from the perspective of someone in the service industry. For example, one recent blog post of his was a rebuttal to a woman saying “I bring food for my kids into restaurants and I don’t care what you think.” The Bitchy Waiter, in the most articulate way possible said,

“A few days ago, a writer sneezed while she was holding in a fart and later that night, when she looked in her underwear, she discovered a story called “No, It’s Not Rude To Bring Your Own Food to a Restaurant When You Have Kids.” She immediately pulled that story out of her panties and posted it on the web. And, yes it is rude.”  

The Bitchy Waiter discussed the ethics and politeness behind bringing food into a restaurant, and that fine dining is something we all sacrifice when we decide to have kids.

In the previously mentioned post I agreed with everything the bitchy waiter had to say. However, he had one post that I’m sad to say I disagreed with. I will preface this review by saying that the service industry is not where you want to be if you are sensitive to:

  1. Sexual Harassment
  2. Racist/ Sexist Jokes
  3. Degradation

But, there is a limit to how far things can go and all women have a right to stick up for themselves. What I’m talking about is a waitress in Indiana who received an award for “Best Butt“. The Bitchy Waiter however, said he would have been overjoyed to receive such an award. I’m sure as a 50-year-old man he would be beyond excited to have someone appreciate his posterior end. But as a female in the service industry whose rear is very often “appreciated” in less than subtle nuances, I am equally upset by this woman’s lack of respect from her coworkers and especially management. It is demeaning to be recognized for something as irrelevant and un work-related as a butt when there are actual work related things to be awarded for. Sales, guest experience, customer satisfaction, guest averages, efficiency, teamwork are all appropriate, important, and meaningful things to award employees at a restaurant.

All derriere disagreements aside The Bitchy Waiter is my idol and his hilariously sarcastic writing makes me proud to even have the same job as him. I’d like to finish off this post with a quote from The Bitchy Waiter that sums up not only our equal love for Anthony Bourdain but also service industry life,

“Oh, Anthony Bourdain. You keep on being you and I will keep on being me and maybe one day, we will find ourselves at the same bar, both of us slamming back the booze, judging shitty customers and overtipping our server. I can dream, can’t I?” 



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