What We Do When We’re In The Weeds

Being “in the weeds” is a stressful time in every server’s shift when the hostess just sat three new tables in a row, table 16 needs drink refills, table 20’s steak isn’t cooked correctly, there are drinks getting warm at the bar and food getting cold in the kitchen. Sprinkle in a screaming child, a trophy wife snapping her manicured fingers, and that drunk regular who gets a little too handsy and you’ve got yourself a pretty average night.

However, that’s not necessarily what this blog is all about. (OK maybe it is just a little bit, sometimes it’s just nice to vent.) What I really hope to explore in this blog revolves more around the people who make restaurants work. From the dishwashers, to the bartenders, all the way up to management. I will share with you some stories guaranteed to change your opinion on that “lowly dishwasher” or “lazy busboy”.  In the meantime, wet your whistle with this superb article from CNN about the “unsung heros” of any restaurant.  cnn.com/…/restaurant-dishwashers-eatocracy

I also hope to share with you what it’s like to be subservient to an unappreciative majority, and at the same time share stories about some of the things I have bore witness to by being the silent servant. The romantic view of the bartender being like a confessional priest or confidant is alive and well in plenty-a-restaurants and you would be shocked by the things patrons will say or do (Especially after a few drinks). I, however, am not a bartender and not bound to that sacred, unspoken confidentiality agreement. I have worked in restaurants for almost five years now and I am still shocked by the audacity of some people, the generosity of others, and the sheer disregard for rules of public engagement by a boisterous few.

Most people should be able to appreciate or get a kick out of what I have to say, especially those who have worked in the service industry. If nothing else, I hope to gain respect for those who work in the industry by telling our stories for the world to read.



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